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08 November 2016 - Atyrau Region
7127 просмотров

In Atyrau were summed up the results of the regional round of the October draw within the frames of the Republican campaign "Ask for a check - win a prize!"

As a result, three Atyrau residents became owners of various household appliances. The award ceremony was held at the Regional Department of State Revenue.

On 1st of October this year the State Revenue Committee of MF RK with the support of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs "Atameken" has launched the campaign "Ask for a check - win a prize!". The main purpose of which was the education of citizens to legal culture for protection of their own interests as consumers of goods and services. The campaign will continue until 30th of November. During this period in all regions of the country every month will be held prize drawings and award ceremonies. The Grand Final will be held in December in Astana, at which will be awarded prizes, including the grand prize - a car.

The campaign is carried out electronically via the mobile app to combat the shadow economy “Wipon” with the financial support of NCE "Atameken". This application is a product of Kazakhstan and developed by Russian programmers. You can download free and use in all kinds of smart phones and other gadgets.

RK citizens can participate in the campaign, who have to confirm the purchase of goods, works or services through a simple snapshot of the fiscal receipt. In the event of non-issuance of a check, citizens can also complain about these violations.

As it was reported by the head of the State Revenue Department of Atyrau region Madi Takiev, to ensure transparency and objectivity in the process of determining the winners, there was established the Commission, composed of representatives of business - community and the media.

"If, as a whole, in the republic the number of participants in October was 8357, who have sent 226,406 checks. 463 are from Atyrau region, who have sent 7956 checks. I would like to thank our citizens for their activity, since through their participation in the campaign they contribute to the reduction of the size of the shadow economy and encourage fair competition among businesses", - said the head of the state body.

As a result of drawing the third place was awarded to a resident of Atyrau Nauryzbaev Kali, he received a multi cooker as a prize. The prize for the second place - Zergul Orynbasar from Atyrau won a vacuum cleaner, Zhaudir Kamysbaeva –a  resident of Kulsary of Zhyly district won the first place - a TV. In addition, the consolation prize was handed to a resident of Kurmangazy district Nurgul Muratova, she has sent the largest number of checks - 518.

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