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Robots will manufacture metal structures in Atyrau

30 March 2017 - Atyrau Region
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Just seven months after the official start of construction, a new shop for the production of metal structures was commissioned. The company Zhigermunayservis equipped its production with robotic welding systems and advanced equipment for the preparation, processing, cutting and painting of metal structures. As it was stated by the general director of LLP Zhigermunayservis Rafik Mukhatov at the opening ceremony of the facility, the new workshop will significantly increase the company's ability to service customers and to meet the growing demand for metal structures and non-standard equipment. "About 10 million USD of investments were invested in this project. The new workshop will produce a wide range of metal products, including steel structures for industrial and civil construction, equipment for servicing oil and gas operations, drilling rigs and other equipment demanded by large companies", - said the head of the company. According to Rafik Mukhatov, the new workshop will use modern technologies for the production of metal structures, including plasma cutting machines, modern painting and shot blasting chambers, drilling and bending machines, and robotic complexes for welding and assembling metal structures. "Our metalwork shop is ideally located to serve the largest oil and gas companies. Considering the growing demand caused by the expansion projects of the largest oil and gas companies in the region, we expect to produce no less than 6,000 tons of metal structures per year. Using robotic complexes, we will significantly increase the efficiency of production, offering high quality in a shorter time", - said Rafik Mukhatov. It should be noted that currently LLP "Zhygermunayservis" is a leading oilfield service and manufacturing company not only in the region, but also in the entire Kazakhstani market. Last year, the partnership became the winner of the republican contest for the award of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Altyn Sapa" in the nomination "The Best manufacturing enterprise". The company's activities are focused on the support and maintenance of oil and gas companies, the provision of services for repair and production of drilling, oilfield equipment, development of oil and gas fields, fabrication of metal structures, and non-standard equipment.



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