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Citrus competition lemons are cultivated in Atyrau

04 May 2017 - Atyrau Region
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An entrepreneur plans to grow lemons in Atyrau

Atyrau businessman Vladimir Rozmetov bought 2 thousand trees of lemonarium in Tashkent. Today, the seedlings are already planted on a field of 1 hectare in the Makhambet district.

  According to the agrarian, he visited Abkhazia and Uzbekistan to choose lemon trees, in the end he chose the variety "Mir", which was derived by scientists from Tashkent. This grade is most suitable for local climatic conditions and soil composition.

The process of growth of seedlings is controlled by two scientists from Tashkent. Uzbek experts will show how to care properly for plants from the moment of planting until the first harvest.

 "This year they will only grow, in autumn we will cover the trees with a greenhouse, so that they grow outdoors. In spring, the plants will have the first flowering, each tree will give 10-15 pieces of lemons. From the beginning of next year, each lemon will yield up to 15 kg, after 4 years the yield may increase to 150 kg from each tree", - said the entrepreneur.

As Vladimir Rozmetov noted, growing lemons does not require special expenses. In winter, for heating the greenhouse, he plans to use only 4 small heating boilers, since it is necessary to maintain a temperature of +5 degrees inside.

"I carefully studied the market in advance. All lemons are imported, respectively, very expensive. 1 lemon costs, for example, 100 - 200 tenge. According to my calculations, our lemons in two years will cost 2 times cheaper, since there will be no transportation costs. Therefore, I am sure that local lemons will be able to compete with imported ones soon", - concluded the businessman.

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