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Atyrau plant will produce local concrete

10 May 2017 - Atyrau Region
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In Atyrau, a local plant will produce concrete for the future expansion project of LLP Tengizchevroil. The other day the new facility was commissioned.

The plant, commissioned by one of the largest enterprises on the world oil market, LLP Tengizchevroil, was built in the Zhlyoysky district by the local company Neftestroyservis LTD. The construction works, which began in April last year, have been successfully completed today. 30 engineers and specialists - operators work at the production facility. Concrete of grades B15, B25 and B35 is produced here.

"The whole process of concrete production is automated. The recipes are crammed into the computer, the load cells weigh the necessary amount of inert material, astringent, water and chemical additives and all this is mixed in a mixer", - said Mikhail Charlin, an operation engineer at Neftestroiservis LTD.

According to experts, new technologies in production allowed to improve significantly the quality of products. Concrete plant has already begun to take orders. It is expected that in the future additional 60 local experts will be involved in production.

"We have built a concrete plant for the project of the future expansion of the Tengiz field. The production capacity and quality of the products meet all the requirements of the customer. During the construction phase, 500 people were employed. Now the factory employs 30 workers. We are confident that we will be able to carry out a project of any complexity", - said Amina Akdrasheva, Business Development Manager of LLP NeftestroiservisLTD.

It should be noted that together with the plant the company also builds infrastructure facilities. These are dormitories for workers, canteens and installations for the recycling of domestic waste.

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