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From a dream – to a flower shop

08 November 2016 - Atyrau Region
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We must believe in ourselves and follow our dream. Such advice to budding entrepreneurs gave the founder of the first flower shop in Atyrau “Flower Lab Atyrau” Gulnaz Kenzhegalieva

A few days ago the facility was launched in the regional center.

Gulnaz Kenzhegalievoy needed five years to implement her dream into reality. However, she started to collect startup capital during her studies in Astana and then in the UK, working in trade and hospitality spheres. She was trained at floral school abroad. "The inspiration, that I received during the study, allowed me to understand what I want to do with flowers, I want to create and to give people beauty and joy", - says the young entrepreneur.

"I represent the company “Flower Lab” in Atyrau. This is franchise, which was created in Moscow, and now it is represented in 47 cities of Russia, in six cities of Kazakhstan, as well as in Azerbaijan, USA, Armenia and others. Brand, in general, is spread in 60 countries around the world. Before, making a choice, I searched many web-sites on this topic, as a result, found that the bouquets of this company match my vision, and, in general, floristry. Now my work has united both business and creativity, and I feel like I found my life's work", - said Gulnaz Kenzhegalieva.

Today, at the flower shop were presented flowers of premium varieties from around the world, including Italy, France, Ecuador and Kenya. In addition to flowers, you can order perfume and candles for the house from “Flower Lab”, chocolate, which comes directly from Belgium, as well as other sweets. Three florist are involved in composition and design of bouquets, they were trained by the founder of the flower shop “Flower Lab Atyrau” Gulnaz Kenzhegalieva. Ready-made bouquets and compositions live up to two weeks, and in a special package for up to three weeks.

At the opening of a flower shop the guests of the evening played lottery draw with many gifts, there was held a reception, photo session. In addition, a free floristry master class "Flower etiquette" was available for everyone. Experts told the audience what flower etiquette is, how to choose the right bouquet for an event and how to take care after flowers.


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