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The first business incubator in the village

14 August 2017 - Atyrau Region
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Next year, the first business incubator at the district level will start working in the Atyrau region.

A new business incubator will be located in the Makhambet district of the Atyrau region. To this end, the local akimat purchased the central market "Naryn". Currently, the design and estimate documentation on the reconstruction of the market is being developed. Construction works are planned to begin by the end of this year, and the next year - to put the object into operation.

"One of the main tasks that we have set ourselves today is the creation in the city and in the countryside of full-scale Centers for Servicing Entrepreneurs where they could receive all the necessary assistance, including obtaining areas for the creation and development of business. With this initiative we turned to the leadership of the region, which wholeheartedly supported us. It is planned to launch the first joint project with the assistance of akimat in Makhambet district. Similar work will be carried out in other districts of the region", - Asylbek Dzhakiyev, director of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Atyrau region, said.  

 As the chief specialist of Makhambet district department of entrepreneurship and tourism Syrynbet Kenzhebayev said, there are two buildings in the market. One of them will be assigned to a business incubator. Its total area is 450 square meters. It is expected that about 50 start-up entrepreneurs will be able to implement their projects here. This will create more than 100 new jobs. The area will be provided to entrepreneurs for a period of one year for a symbolic price, they will only need to pay for their utilities.

"It is planned to open a Center for Servicing Entrepreneurs in another building. At beginning the district department of entrepreneurship and tourism, the branch of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Atyrau region and the employment center will be located there. In the future, it is planned to place here departments of architecture, construction, land relations, that is, all state agencies that provide services to entrepreneurs", - Syrynbet Kenzhebaev said.

The opening of a business incubator will make it possible to solve another problem that is no less topical for start-ups, namely, the supply of infrastructure. The new facility will be equipped with all necessary engineering networks.

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