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Penza refiners want to go to Atyrau region

27 September 2017 - Atyrau Region
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Penza industrial enterprises want to establish contact with Atyrau businessmen A business delegation of the Penza region of the Russian Federation arrived in Atyrau. The main goal of their visit is to establish cooperation between the enterprises of the two regions in the oil and gas processing industry. As the head of the delegation, the head of the interregional and international relations department of the Penza Regional Chamber of Commerce Tatyana Martynova told, the first cooperation between the regions began 10 years ago.

Since that time, mutually beneficial trade relations have been established in the food and pharmaceutical industries. "We brought 4 Penza enterprises that would like to establish partnership, business relations with the business of the Atyrau region in the oil and gas production sector. All of them are manufacturers of products. It should be noted that, although our region is small in area, we have a well-developed industrial sphere, the field of security technologies, the manufacture of medical products. We hope that our today's meeting will lay the foundation for many mutually beneficial contracts, and we will be useful to each other in many aspects of business", - Tatyana Martynova said.

In turn, deputy director of the regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs Sarsenbai Zholdybayev said that the Atyrau region is one of the most developed industrial regions of Kazakhstan. The share of industrial production in the region is more than 25% in the country's industrial output. In terms of gross regional product and average wages, the region occupies one of the leading places in the republic.

"The potential of the region is due to the availability of a wide range of natural resources, mainly hydrocarbon raw materials, as a result of which, the city of Atyrau has unofficial status of the "oil capital" of Kazakhstan. This is confirmed by the two largest oil and gas fields in Kazakhstan located in the region: Tengiz and Kashagan, with total reserves of 4.5 billion tons of oil and 2.0 trillion cubic meters of gas. The availability of a raw material base makes the region an ideal place for the creation of a national oil and gas cluster, which provides for the development of petrochemicals, oil and gas engineering, production of products with deep processing and high added value. Therefore, I am confident that our enterprises will be able to find common ground for further development and strengthening of our cooperation", - the representative of the Chamber emphasized.

The parties reinforced their intentions by signing the Memorandum of mutual cooperation. After the event, a video presentation of Penza enterprises was presented. The entrepreneurs of the two regions discussed in more detail the opportunities for cooperation during B2B meetings. It should be noted that the Penza delegation will stay in Atyrau for two days. During this time they plan to visit a number of enterprises in the region and get acquainted with their activities and production base.

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